How you can help

If you share our dream of empowering the have-nots to have a better life, you can join our organization and help us through:

Student Sponsorship

Since 1998, the humanitarian organization HUMAN WAVE is offering student sponsorship for backward people coming from Mankundu and the Sunderban region.

This sponsorship is aimed at giving the opportunity to young children – from the 1st to the 10th class – to experience a normal education.

Thanks to the help and the support of our generous donors, especially the belgian NGO IIMK, we are already sponsoring around 130 children.

If you also want to sponsor a child, contact us.


HUMAN WAWE is offering short-term (from 2 weeks to three months) volunteership in the Community Development field:

  • Community Mobilization
  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Development
  • Health Promotion
  • Administrative Support

If you want to get more information about it or apply online for a volunteership please contact us.