Our projects

1. ANEWSHAN Integrated Community Development Project

HUMAN WAVE, started its work in 1998 with the pilot project ANEWSHAN in the locality called Adarshanagore (P.O. Mankundu, Dist. Hooghly, W.B.), 30 km. North of Calcutta.

This project is aimed at rehabilitating the 55 families coming originally from Bangladesh and living near the railways and at improving their quality and standard of life by strengthening social values, by helping the people organizing the community as through developing the community’s infrastructure (through introducing facilities like a Community Hall, Drinking Water, Electricity, Low cost Latrines and a Sewage System).The main activities of the ANEWSHAN Integrated Community Development Project are the following:

A. Soishob

- Soishob-Anewshan, which means means “In Search of Childhood”. Through the various projects of Soishob-Anewshan, the children are exposed to socio-cultural activities ( i.e. Brotochary, Drawing & Dancing class, Social event observation & cultural functions) early childhood education, medical care and health awareness.

B. Balwadi (Crèche for 3 to 5 years old children of working mothers)

The Balwadi (which means “Crèche”) take care for young children (from 3 to 5 years old) of working mothers. This project is aimed at ensuring children proper socialization, promoting good habits and manners and ensuring school enrollment at a proper time.

Furthermore, the children have been taught how to read and write both English and Bengali alphabets, numbers and rhymes, and have been encouraged to have and maintain good habits and manners.Since the project has started, almost all the young children of Adarshanagore have joined Balwadi.

In addition, seven children have been coming from outside Adarshanagore.

C. Anewshan Tutorial

This tutorial course is held for 78 children from class 1 to 9 by 13 teachers. The courses take place six days a week, in the morning from 7.00 to 9.00 a.m and in the evening from 7.00 to 9.00 p.m.
A teachers’ meeting is organized each month to evaluate the performance of the students. Last year three terminal tests were arranged. 74% students have been promoted to the next classes.

D. Health promotion & medical care

Our health workers regularly visit the families at Adarshanagore. They take care of immunizations and birth control. The growth monitoring and adolescent class are held once in a month.

In case of emergency medical need, we also help financially the patients of the village of Adarshanagore.

E. Computer Class for children

This computer courses are dedicated to children and take place 3 times in a week thank the help of a professional teacher. About 50% of the students are coming from disadvantaged communities and the rest are from meddle class.

F. Nari-Khamotayan Shakha
Nari-Khamotayan Shakha, which means “Women Empowerment Branch”, contains various projects which are aimed at improving the living conditions of the women in Adarshanagore.

In order to raise their awareness, the women attend monthly meetings about important social issues.

Loans have been organized to support the women in improving their huts or for urgent family needs; in addition to that, other initiatives try to help the women to become self-sufficient and to generate more income.

2. Sundarban Primary School

Sunderban Primary School is located in the village Dekhsinbariabhangabad, in the delta of Bay of Bengal with many small rivers. The villagers of Dekhsinbariabhangabad started on their own the Sunderban Primary School in 1987 and after a few years they received some financial help from a NGO for a few years.

As they had no financial support since 1995, HUMAN WAVE started in the year 2001 to support responding to the appeal of the villagers. HUMAN WAVE provided two more teachers (the number of teachers increased from 3 to 5), which made it possible to
ensure proper attention to all the students and to improve the quality of teaching.
Since the beginning, we provided separator between classes ( 11 high & 6 low benches 2 tables & 2 black boards up to March 2001 and 10 grill for windows in January), we carried
out a tutorial at S.F.P.School for our sponsored students.

All the sponsored students were provided with books & study material. A tutorial was carried out for our sponsored students. The no. of teachers is 6 & the number of students 50. In the year 2002-03 the number of students were 110. The students’ attendance was steady. The class were regular. The school committee had regular meetings.

3. Gopalnagore Tutorial Project

Gopalnagore Tutorial Project is a child development project, located in the village of Gopalnagore.

The village Gopalnagore is located in the south District 50 km south of Kolkata and has got a population of 6632 in 10 localities. Out of these 10 localities we have identified 5 smaller localities of worst situation having a population of 733 people with 256 children.

They belong to the lowest caste & live below the poverty line. In fact they are most backward in all respects, cultural, socio-economic & health as well.

HUMAN WAVE has enabled to start a tutorial class for 60 children in class 1, 2 & 3 and has introduced in the year 2003-2004 one brotochary training.

4. Dhapdhapi Medical & Medical Health Promotion

The health promotion activities of Dhapdhapi are aimed at providing basic medical treatments to the local people, who can t afford to go to public hospitals.

Our health workers are visiting all the poor families of Dhapdhapi with a special focus on antenatal, postnatal care, immunization and family planning. To achieve this goals, HUMAN WAVE organises regularly awareness meetings in small group.

5. Mudipara Tribal Development Project

The Mudipara Tribal Development Project is a project which was started to improve the life quality of the tribal community of Mudipara.

HUMAN WAVE has created with the help of 4 teachers a tutorial for 72 students and organized differents children activities, like sports events or brotochary or cultural activities.

We have also developed some health promotion activities within the community, through the weekly visit of all the families by our health worker.

30 women have been sterilized. 50 low cost latrines have been made in co-operation with the local Panchayet. A Hepatitis B camp was organized in which 38 person were provided with the Hepatitis B vaccines. 2 general health checks up cum awareness camps were organized. A seminar was organized on HIV\ AIDS in-co-operation with local Block Medical officer.